Station bridge in Zwolle

Design of a green pedestrian bridge

Cycle and footpath bridge over the Eder

Timber construction as a statement

Replacement of Cyclepath bridge Cologne

Timber construction to connect park areas

Cycle path bridge in Kurpark Bad Mergentheim

Block girder bridge in timber construction

Girder Bridge "Reutlinger Band"

Wood design as competition entry

Cycle Path Bridge over Obere Argen

elegant block girder bridge in Allgäu

Replacement of service road bridge Schkeuditz

Block girder bridge in timber construction

Bridge for a Day Care Center in Mannheim

Timber Bridge for a Day Care Center

Service Road Bridge over the Kocher in Gaildorf

Replacement construction on existing substructure

Competition Entry Radolfzell

Stepped and Glue Laminated Timber Structure

Girder Bridge Ilshofen

Opening of a New Development Area

Timmendorfer Strand / Maritim-Seebrücke

Competition Maritim Sea Bridge

Competition "Bastionskronenpfad Petersberg"

Development of the Petersberg for the BUGA 2021

Curved Girder Bridge Neckartenzlingen - DE

Gently Wriggling Over the Neckar River

School Yard Crossing Biberach - DE

Trepped Block Laminated Structure

Refurbishment Pedestrian Bridge Overath - DE

stylish refurbishment in combination with partly renewal

Competition for Bascule Bridge in Dordrecht - NL

3rd Place for Bascule Bridge in Dordrecht - NL

Girder Bridge Sigmaringendorf - DE

Filigree Trussed Beam Girder Bridge

Timber-Stone Hybrid Bridge Lohmar - DE

Pedestrian Bridge Attached to Existing Piers

Block Laminated Timber Bridge Leeuwarden - NL

Bridge Structure in Design of a Boat

Block Laminated Timber Bridge Schwäbisch Gmünd - DE

Hybrid Structure of Massiv Glulam Block and Granite Slabs

Designe for the Station Meinerzhagen

Concentrating on Materiality and Clarity

Competition Contribution Nidau - CH

Cable-Stayed Bridge with Rotatable Element

Girder Bridge Lohmar

Girder Bridge for the Landscape Garden Aggerbogen

Block Laminated Timber Bridge Welzheim - DE

Slender S-shaped Barrier-free Connection

Girder Bridge Almere Stripheldenbuurt - NL

Curved Girder Bridge Crossing Channel

Block Laminated Timber Bridge Gschroeff - AT

Shaped Timber Bridge Connecting Industrial Area to Untouched Nature

Simple Pedestrian Bridge Deventer - NL

Stilted Bridge Crossing the Overijssel Channel

Girder Bridge Keltern - DE

Bridge Including Service Pipes

Timber Box-Girder Ijsselstein - NL

Statement in Timber Construction

Block Laminated Timber Bridge Groningen - NL

Heavy Load Bridges to Remote Housing Area

Girder Bridge Eemnes - NL

Elegant Small Timber Bridge Capable of Taking Vehicular Load

Girder Bridge Crossing Pleiße River Böhlen - DE

Ligth-Weight Timber Bridge Mounted on Existing Piers

Timber Box-Gider Weikersheim - DE

Slender and Filigree Structure "Heiliges Wöhr"

Timber Trough Bridge Balingen

Park Bridge over the Eyach

Timber Trough Bridge Delfzijl

Cycle bridge connects boulevard and beach promenade

Competition entry FRANKLIN Steg Mannheim

prize winning design

Timber Trough Bridge Ilsfeld

bycicle bridge crossing a national highway

Competition "Sprung über die Emscher"

Trough bridge ... over and under

Timber-Trough-Bridge Tröbnitz

Replacement construction over the Roda

Timber Trough Bridge Bergheim

Replacement construction as a three-field trough-bridge

Timber Trough Bridge Schlüchtern

Milestone for inner-city routes

Timber Trough Bridge Alzenau

Replacement of the "Burgsteg" over the Creek Kahl

Promenadendeck Erfurt

Curved Trough-Bridge for the "ICE-City"

Timber Trough Bridge Erlangen

Replacement Bridge above the Highway A3

Trough Bridge in Albstadt

Connecting trough bridge between existing buildings

Trough Bridge Gais - IT

Crossing River Ahr in Italian Alpine Area

Timber Trough Bridge Bingen

Bridge over the Lauchert

Simple Trough Bridge Leuba - DE

River Overpass for Neiße Cycle Route

Functional Long Span Bridge Ebersbach - DE

Funktional Trough Bridge for Employees and Service Pipes

Trough Bridge Krefeld - DE

Playground Crossing Bridge at Montessori School

Renewal of Pedestrian Overpass Kirchzarten - DE

Dismanteling and Reassembling in Less Than 2 Hours

Timber Trough Bridge Gaasterlan - NL

Bike path connection with a nobel finish

Efficient Trough Bridge Schmelz - DE

Pedestrian Access to Camping Site

Two Span Trough Bridge Wolfach - DE

Serrersteg Crossing Kinzig River

Trough Bridge Cross Partnach River Garmisch -DE

Timber Construction With Alpine Panorama

Access Bridge Train Station Hoppegarten - DE

Inverted Trough forms Main Structure and Roofing

Long Spanning Trough Bridge Kreuth - DE

34 Meter Clear Span Construction

Asymetrical Trough Bridge Altenahr - DE

Designer-Trough Bridge for Heavy Load Traffic

Covered Trough Bridge Köln - DE

Connection Between Two Hospital Buildings

Trough Bridge Herbrechtingen - DE

Durable Cycle Bridge

Timber Trough Bridge Bautzen

Trough bridge as the preferred variant solution

Timber-Arch-Bridge Gutenstein near Sigmaringen

Arch Bridge over the Donau

Timber Arch Bridge Southend, UK

Filigree Arch Construction

45 Meter Timber Arch Bridge Höngesberg - DE

Crossing the Agger River

Green Bridge in Luckenwalde, Brandenburg - DE

Crossing a Highway 

Refurbishment of an Arch Bridge Kalkar - DE

Existing Timber Structure

Jägerstieg Erfurt - DE

Design Award Winning Arch Bridge Made From Timber

Competition Kirchberg

D'une passerelle piétonne et cyclable

Cable Stayed Bridge Engelskirchen

C-shaped curved pylon bridge over the Agger

Suspension Bridge Rheinfelden – DE

Timber-Steel Structure with 180 Meter Clear Span

Variation Study Weilburg

Variation Study for a Bridge over the Lahn

Cable Stayed Bridge Wolfratshausen - DE

Bicycle Overpass Including Lighting in the Handrail

Cable Stayed Bridge Aggerbogen Lohmar - DE

S-Shaped Bridge Structure

Cable Stayed Bridge Werratal - DE

Cycle Path Along a former Railway Track

Cable Stayed Bridge Tauberbischofsheim - DE

Timber Bridge Including Moisture Monitoring

Cable Stayed Steel Bridge Ahrweiler - DE

Cyclist and Pedestrian Crossing

Cable Stayed Bridge Almere - NL

S-Shaped Block Laminated Horizontal Timber Structure

Cable Stayed Bridge Möckmühl - DE

Completing Kocher-Jagst Cycle Route

Cable Stayed Bridge Winschoten - NL

Connecting Islands of New Recreational Area

Cable Stayed Bridge Pirmasens - DE

Combination of Complementary Materials

Efficient Cable Stayed Bridge Hochstetten - DE

C-Shaped Cyclist Overpass

Competition "Personenüberführung Rotkreuz"

Traditional timber structure in a modern interpretation

Competition Truss Bridge Oirschot

Pedestrian and cyclist bridge over the Wilhelmina channel

Truss Bridge Design Untergröning – DE

Traditional Design Interpreted Contemporary

Truss Bridge Nettersheim - DE

Artful Pedestrian Overpass at Train Station Nettersheim

Design Competition Europacity Berlin – DE

Design of Lenticular Pedestrian Bridge in Berlin

Heavy Load Truss Bridge Stasjonsstranda - NO

Appealing Road Bridge to Overpass Railway Tracks

Heavy Load Timber Truss Bridge Sneek II - NL

Curved and Glued Laminated Carrierd Made From Accoya Wood

Design Award Winning Truss Bridge Oloron - FR

Lens-Shaped Steel-Timber Hybrid Structure

Heavy Load Timber Truss Bridge Sneek - NL

Curved and Glued Laminated Carriers Made From Accoya Wood

Truss Bridge Traunreut - DE

Truss Bridge With Round Milled Glulam Elements

Timber Truss Bridge Templin - DE

Traditional Design Meets Modern Expertise

Truss Bridge in Emmendingen - DE

Traditional Timber Truss Bridge with Modern Influence 

Timber Truss Bridge Ainring - DE

Latest Innovations Applied to Classic Design

Strut Frame Bridge Pullach

Factory planning for a replacement bridge

Strut Frame Bridge Passau - DE

Heavy Load Bridge for Vehicles of up to 60 Tonnes  

Strut Frame Bridge Grünbach - DE

Bridge for Cross Country Track

Strut Frame Bridge Benneckenstein - DE

Heavy Load Bridge Crossing a Railway

Strut Frame Bridge Bad Mergentheim - DE

Neat and Filigree Timber Construction

Competition New Lindach Bridge, Schwäbisch Hall


Replacement of the Tauber Bridge Schäftersheim, Weikersheim

Replacement construction over the Tauber river

Timber-Concrete-Composite Bridge Alfter

Heavy Load Bridge "Grüner Weg"

Design planning Timber-Concrete Composite Bridge Schwäbisch Hall

Timber and Concrete composed

Timber-Concrete Composite Bridge Schiffarth - DE

Efficient Composite Structure

Timber-Concrete Composite Bridge Bad Lauterberg - DE

Two Bridges Crossing the River Oder

Timber-Concrete Composite Bridge Wippra - DE

Heavy Load Bridge

Timber-Concrete Composite Bridge Schwäbisch Gmünd - DE

Two Bridges for State Garden Show

Timber-Concrete Composite Bridge Winschoten - NL

Asymmetric Design

Timber-Concrete Composite Bridge Ruhpolding

Bridge Along Biathlon Track

Design Competition Minamisanriku – Japan

Stress Ribbon Bridge Crossing a Channel

Design for a Stress Ribbon Bridge in Dreisel

Minimally Invasive and Elegant River Crossing 

Stress Ribbon Bridge Gera - DE

"Dragon's Tail" German Federal Garden Show

Timber Tower "Hoge Blekker" Koksijde

Tower construction on the belgian coast

Field Observation Tower Kyritz-Ruppiner Heath

Towerconstruction out of Curved Glulam

Timber Tower Ebersbach - Neugersdorf

like a bird's nest in a tree

Timber Viewing Tower Herborn

Aussichtsturm "Dillblick"

Treewalk Panarbora with Timber Observation Tower

Treetop path with excellent views

Timber Viewing Tower "Grüne Mitte"

Konstruktion aus heimischer Lärche

Timber Viewing Tower „Schwarzes Moor“

Holzturm mit quadratischer Grundfläche

Timber Sculpture at the University of Dublin

Sculpture from arranged Accoya-columns

Outer facade Louis Vuitton, Cancún Mexico

The largest Louis Vuitton store in Mexico

Viewing Platform near Bonn

Wooden Viewing Platform

Electric Charging Stations from Fastned

New locations in Germany

Playground objects

Landesgartenschau Lahr 2018

Tree Houses in the Nature Adventure Park Panarbora

Overnight stay in the natur adventure park Panarbora

Competition Roof Assen

3000m² Roof out of Glulam-Triangles

Renovation of the Rafter Bridge in Gaggenau

Truss Bridge in a new look

Renovation of Erdenbrücke in Oberwolfach

Road renovation

Main inspection and renovation concept-Wiehl

Object related damage inspection and developement of a renovation concept

Inspection and supervision on maintenance - Koblenz

Observation deck Rheintal in Koblenz

Covering exchange and assessment - Bremerhaven

Lloyddock bridge in Bremerhaven

General inspection-Leverkusen

Timber bridge over the Bornheimer stream near Leverkusen

Roof support inspection of a swimming pool - Siegburg

Assessment of cracks in laminated timber

Refurbishment of an Arch Bridge Düren - DE

Timber Structure in Nature Sanctuary

Main inspection and maintenance - Donrath

Cable-stayed bridge over the Agger in Donrath

Immediate measure Structural renforcement - Wuppertal

Timber bridge Hipkendahl in Wuppertal

Renovation concept-Lörrach

Covered truss bridge in Lörrach

Development of a renovation concept - Leipzig

Timber bridge over the Pleiße in Leipzig

Timber Roof Structures

Projects of Roof Structures

Wood as a building material is becoming more and more an economical alternative to steel or concrete. This also applies to industrial buildings in which usage and profitability play the decisive role. The ratio of dead weight to load-bearing capacity and the well-assessable fire behavior of wood make this building material very attractive for roofs with large spans.

The large spans are implemented with the use of glulam. Individual wooden lamellas are glued to saddle roof, roof-top and arch binders and prepared as a kit in the factory to ensure rapid assembly on site.