Trough Bridge in Albstadt

Bridge connects existing buildings

Client: Playshoes GmbH

Year: 2017

Contractor: Willi Mayer GmbH & Co. KG

Length: 15,70 m
Width: approx. 4,00 m

Construction: Covered trough bridge with steel frame for stiffening.
Fire protection F90 in the flashover area. Stored on reinforced concrete frame

Our service: Structural planning, service phase 5 according to German HOAI


This covered trough bridge connects two existing buildings of the client - the Playshoes GmbH in Albstadt. In the area of fire flashover, the bridge is designed with a fire resistance class F 90. The construction was stored on reinforced concrete frames which were built of prefabricated parts. Only the horizontal loads in the longitudinal direction of the bridge are removed above the reinforced concrete floors of the buildings. Completely pre-assembled, the connecting bridge could be hung with two mobile cranes.

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