Refurbishing a Timber Arch Bridge


Client: Administrative district of Düren

Year of construction: 1994

Length: 46,00 m
Width: 2,50 m

Structure: Reconstruction of the waterproofing as well as the repair of several cracks and rotten sections.

Our services: Consultancy timber structure and site management


The bridge dates back to 1994 and spans over 46 meters across the Rot close to Mausauel. The main structure consists of two tilted glulam arches, which are anchored in solid concrete abutments and form a so-called real arch structure. Suspended wooden beams carry the larch plank decking.

After twenty years of life, the roofing has been completely renewed and damages, that were caused by the free exposure to weathering of the glulam arches were repaired. The roofing has been designed as a combination of zinc sheet metal and plastic to accommodate different inclinations.