Timber Arch Bridge in Lohmar Höngersberg

Crossing the Agger River 

Year of construction: 2014

Length: 65,0m
Spans: 10,0/45,0/10,0 m
Width: 3,50m

Structure: Re-anchored arch bridge made of spruce glulam and two approach bridges made also of spruce glulam as timber-concrete composite constructions. Mastic asphalt decking with concrete curbs. The arch bridge is laterally covered with larch and the upper side is covered with a titanium zinc sheet. The railing is made of steel with an Accoya handrail including a safety rope.

Our services: Design, Engineering, detailed calculation, execution planning, tender process, on-site building inspection

service phase 1 - 9 according to German HOAI


The new arch bridge over the Agger in Höngesberg has a similar design to the other timber bridges upstream. The design with no columns in the river and a large shore area ensures a rapid drainage in case of floods. The arch beams made of glulam are a real eye-catcher and fit in the natural environment. A high degree of prefabrication allowed a short construction period and a minimal invasive influence on nature.