Truss Bridge in Traunreut

Bridge Crossing Traun River 

Client: City of Traunreut

Year of construction: 2008

Design: Architect's office Dietrich, Traunstein

Structural calculation:  Engineering office Köppl, Rosenheim

Length: 59,50 m
Width: 3,00 m

Structure: Truss construction with round columns and cooper covering

Our services: Consultancy timber structure and project management during execution


The covered truss structure consists mostly of glulam beams of spruce that are standardized in length and cross-section. The result is a modular system that ensures an efficient fabrication and installation. The longitudinal beams are also made of glue laminated wood. The decking made of larch planks and the steel railing contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the bridge. The roof construction with copper plates protects the bearing components from weather influence. Water of rain cannot reach neither the structure nor the decking.