Girder bridge in Almere Buiten / Stripheldenbuurt, NL

Girder bridge for residential area

Client: Municipality of Almere

Year of construction: 2008

Length: 24,00 m
Width: 4,00 m

Structure: curved Spruce glulam grid, parapet with flat steel, mastic asphalt decking

our services: design planning, strucutral planning and working planning (voorlopig ontwerp und definitief ontwerp)

comparable to service phase 1-5 according to German HOAI


The timber girder bridge for the new residential area Stripheldenbuurt in Almere enables pedestrians and cyclists to cross the local canal. The glulam girders were produced with a distinct curve so that occasionally passing boats can pass the bridge. The curved shape is in contrast to the rather straight forms of the residential areas which creates a positive picture. The steel parapet has a dark coating and is very transparent in the side view. A mastic asphalt coating protects the timber construction from weathering.

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