Trough Bridge in Bingen

Bridge over the Lauchert

Client: Municipal Bingen

Year of construction: 2016

Contractor: Schaffitzel Holzindustrie GmbH + Co. KG

Length: 17,40 m
Width: 1,50 m

Construction: Trough bridge with glued laminated timber structure, galvanized cross-member frame and mastic asphalt flooring, suspended supports for media guidance

Our service: Design, structural planning - service phases 1-4 according to German HOAI


The trough bridge in wood construction spans a length of approx. 17 meters with a width of approx. 1.50 meters. Two glued laminated timber girders are the main structure and are stiffened by internal steel frames. Through a top cover made of titanium zinc sheet and a lateral timber cladding, the structure is optimally protected.

Below the cross member a media guide is suspended. The decking made of mastic asphalt serve as a particularly non-slip and durable surfacing surface.

An attached railing made of steel with horizontal stainless steel ropes as filling serves as fall protection.

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