Trough Bridge in Krefeld

Bridge for the Montessori-School

Client: Bischöfliches Generalvikariat Aachen

Year of construction: 2014

Design and supervision: WILHELM architekturbüro

Length: 13,85 m
Width: 2,80 m

Structure: Main structure made of spruce glulam with lateral larch cladding. Bridge decking mastic asphalt.

Our services: Consultancy timber structure, structure planning


Because the old bridge crossing the school yard of the Montessori school in Krefeld was not repairable, it was replaced by a new timber construction. The glulam beams are protected by a lateral cladding made of larch and a zinc sheet metal on the top. The cladding continues up to the handrail to form a proper guardrail for the primary school children. The school is now provided with a good looking and durable construction.

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