Timber tower in Rechberghausen

Observation tower „Green center“

Client: Community of Rechberghausen

Year of construction: 2009

Execution: Schaffitzel wood industry

Planning: Wich-Architekten, München

Construction: 12 radially arranged larch glulam columns form an upwardly opening main structure. The horizontal loads are carried of by a steel stair tower

Technical details:
Diameter below: 4,50 m
Diameter above: 5,10 m
Height: 11,00 m

Our servive: project support during the execution phase


The tower with a circular ground plan has a clear, easily perceptive design principle: timber framework covered with timber lamellas; internal spiral staircase in steel construction system. The 12 sectors of 30 degrees radially disposed supports are made of 10 cm wide larch glulam.