Timber-Concrete Composite Bridge in the Netherlands

Bridges "Smaragdlibel" and "Watersnuffel" in Winschoten

Client: Provincie Groningen

Year of construction: 2012

Concept and design: De Zwarte Hond (Groningen, NL)

Length: 40,00 m (16,00 / 24,00 m)
Width: 4,00 m

Construction: Main structure is made of glued laminated timber beams. The concrete plate is connected to the block beam by panels which are bonded into the beam.
Concrete slab with mastic asphalt surface.

Our services: Design supervision, structural planning in cooperation with TiComTec (Haibach), execution planning, project supervision (voorlopig ontwerp und definitief ontwerp) - comperable to german service phases 1-6


The asymetrical design with the timber beam getting bigger towards the center generates a discrete appearance. A simple steel railing with timber strings and handrail using the durable "Accoya" wood underline the simple design.