Bridge over the upper Argen "Im Klösterle" in Wangen i. A.

Block girder bridge within the scope of the State Garden Show Wangen i. A. 2024

Year of construction: 2022

Client: Landesgartenschau Wangen i. A. 2024 GmbH


length: 38,00 m

span: 36,00 m

width: 4,00 m

Construction: two-part block girder bridge with variable cross-section and lateral staircase as weather protection

Our services: Concept, design, structural analysis, implementation planning, tendering, construction management

Service phases 1 - 9


Substructures: Xaver Lutzenberger GmbH
Timber construction: Schaffitzel Holzindustrie GmbH & Co. KG
Landscape planning: Lohrer Hochrhein, München


As part of the Wangen i. A. 2024 State Garden Show and the local transport concept of the city of Wangen, a number of new bridge structures are being built within the urban area. With a high demand for sustainable construction, a wooden bridge with an optimised and elegant cross-section was developed. The high-quality covering of natural stone slabs permanently protects the wooden structure. Cantilevered concrete abutments provide a particularly robust connection point, which offers sufficient distance to the terrain. A transparent railing with a three-dimensionally shaped railing infill complements the sculptural wooden support.

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