Strut frame bridge in Stuttgart - Sillenbuch

Vesperbridge Sillenbuch

Client: Stuttgart Regional Council

Year of construction: 2020


length: 52,88 m
width: 2,50 m

Construction: Bridge with blasting mechanism with block-glued wooden girders as carriageway slab on existing abutments, GRP decking, steel railing with handrail, hollow steel sections, substructures made of existing (reinforced concrete)

Our services: Design planning, approval planning, implementation planning, tendering

General contractor Schmees & Lühn, Holz- und Stahlingenieurbau GmbH & Co. KG


The cycle and footpath bridge represents the replacement construction for a block girder bridge from 1990. With regard to a long service life, our main focus was on the structural timber protection of the bridge girders and piers. In order to also take the aspect of sustainability into account, stainless steel supports and existing parts from the previous bridge were reprocessed and recycled as far as possible. The bridge takes a back seat to its surroundings and scores with a filigree view that blends in harmoniously with its surroundings.

All components of the bridge - including the railings - were prefabricated so that the bridge could be lifted into place during a relatively short closure period for dismantling and reinstallation.