Curved Block-Glulam Bridge in Welzheim

barrier-free connection from Oase to Cafe

Client: Christopherus Lebens- und Arbeitsgemeinschaft e.V.

Year of construction: 2011

Structual calculation: HSW Ingenieure, Bad Oeynhausen

Length: 62,30 m
Width: 1,70 m

Structure: Main girders made from curved block laminated timber with a zinc sheet sealing layer and sacrificial timber cladding, decking and parapet made of larch wood.

Our services: consulting timber structure, feasibility study, project supervision


In Christopher living and working community Laufenmühle guests, carers and supervised can now walk between the animal oasis and the Cafe restaurant. The site which is unsuitable for wheelchairs was made more accessible with the block girder bridge. The solid wood railing looks stable and gives a secure feeling on the slender bridge. The block carrier and the formwork, which protects the main structure from moisture, were coloured white to create a high-contrast appearance. In plan view, the structure is strongly curved, which was realized by a lying-bonded carrier block which underlines the routing of Laufenmühle.

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