Timber-Trough-Bridge in Tröbnitz

Replacement construction over the Roda

Client: municipality Tröbnitz

Year of construction: 2018

Length: 16,50 m
Width: 2,00 m

Construction: Trough bridge with main structure made of laminated timber and U-frame as cross members made of coated steel. Decking made of larch.

Our service: static calculation, advisory planning


The new trough bridge over the Roda was built as a replacement for a pedestrian and cycle bridge, on which, due to lack of constructive wood protection, serious damage to timber and steel components were found. Here, particular attention was paid to the detailing of constructive wood protection for the new bridge. The girders are provided on the side with a ventilated larch covering and on the upper side with a sheet metal cover made of titanium zinc.

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