Pedestrian Bridge Crossing the Pfinz River

Girder Bridge in Keltern-Weiler

Client: Municipality of Keltern

Year of construction: 2006

Planning: Ingenieurbüro Beck, Neuenbürg

Länge: 12,10 m
Breite: 2,65 m

Structure: Girder bridge made of Spruce glulam with sacrificial Larch cladding, steel parapet, Larch decking.

Our services: Consulting timber engineering and project assistance


The bridge connects to parts of a residential area and forms a junction for pipe works. The two main girders are covered with foil on the top and a ventilated cladding on the side. Larch planks form the decking and a parapet made of steel forms the guard rail. The cost-effective construction was completely prefabricated in our plant and was placed in a single lifting process.

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