Heavy Load Bridges In "De Blauwe Stad", NL

Province Groningen

Client: Planning association "Blauwe Stad"

Year of construction: 2006

Length: 18,00 m
Width: 6,00 m

Structure: bridge class 30 tons, block laminated glulam slab with mastic asphalt decking, steel railings with horizontal stainless steel cables and glulam handrail

Our services: design, engineering, tender procedure, site management (voorlopig ontwerp und definitief ontwerp)

comparable with service phase 1 - 9 according to HOAI

In the newly developed area of the so called "Blue City" a total of 11 timber bridges were created. Six of these are heavy duty bridges that have been designed as block-laminated glulam constructions and are used for vehicular access to the developed residential areas.

"Het Riet" is one of those bridges that serve the residents of a building section as access. The bridge is designed as a block girder bridge and has a decking of mastic asphalt, which was applied on site. A significant elevation ensures the crossing under with small boats and adds a certain dynamic to the appearence.

A railing with horizontal stainless steel cables serves as a transparent safety guard. The handrail of larch glulam makes it possible to experience the supporting material on the bridge.

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