Footbridge Crossing the River Weißach Near Kreuth

Large Span in Timber

Client: Municipality Kreuth

Year of construction: 2006

Length: 34,00 m
Width: 2,50 m

Structure: Covered trough bridge, glulam covered with coppers sheet metal at the top and lateral cladding with larch

Our services: Design, structure planning, engineering


This trough bridge, as a timber construction, spans more than 34 meters. Both main girders are made of spruce glulam and have a height of almost 2 meters. They also form the guardrail so that no additional steel construction is necessary. The constructive timber protection is carried out with a lateral larch cladding and a high quality top cover made of copper sheet metal. With its regular wood surfaces the bridge integrates harmonically into the wood-dominated landscape.

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