Cyclists bridge near Gaasterlan - NL

Bike path connection made of timber

Client: Municipality Gaasterlan - Sleat

Year of construction: 2011

Length: 24,00 m
Width: 2,30 m

Construction:  Trough bridge with lateral cladding with Red Cedar wood. The mastic asphalt surface was already applied during the prefabrication of the bridge in the plant.

Out service: Conception and design, structural calculation, construction work


Simple construction with a noble finish: The trough bridge made of spruce glulam with a mastic asphalt decking was cladded with Red Cedar profiles. This extremly durable wood distinguishes itself through an especially diversified colouring and a very fine surface which gives the bridge a very classy character. The bridge was preassembled including the mastic asphalt decking. Two mobile cranes lifted the bridge in the final position.

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