Playground Objects according to Geodetic Principle

Horticultural Show Lahr 2018

Year of Construction: 2018

Client: Landesgartenschau Lahr 2018 GmbH


club L94 Landschaftsarchitekten


Three objects with variable diameter


Geodesic domes in various designs as oak trusses with connecting knots made of stainless steel

Our service: Structural planning - service phase 1-6 according to German HOAI


For the horticulture show in Lahr, which opens in the spring of 2018, the landscape architects of club L94 have designed playground objects based on the so-called geodesic dome. These three objects each represent the dwelling of an animal:

Drey in the woods - climbing frame with ladders and meshes

Spider web near lawn - climbing frame with meshes

Bowl in the grass field - outdoor seating

The respective basic construction can be climbed by children and additionally equipped with nets, slides, tunnels and slacklines. All dwellings are designed as an oak truss structure whose individual bars are connected by stainless steel connections.