Holz-Bogenbrücke Höngesberg

Timber bridge construction

Our particular passion is timber bridge construction - from the design to the planning to the realisation...


Specialist timber constructions

The possible uses of timber are wide ranging - towers, station roofs or other wide-span supporting structures can be realised...

Brückensysteme in Holzbauweise

Timber bridge systems

The variety of supporting structures suits almost all the requirements - standardised bridge systems are suitable depending on the situation ...

Projekte Brückenbau


As planners and project managers, we have previously worked on a wide variety of different bridges and other building projects ...

Engineering constructions made from timber

Wide-span and sustainable

The material of timber is one of the oldest materials in history. Over the course of the industrial developments in the 20th century, the material of timber saw increased use in the world of industry, and with modern bonding and joining techniques, free span widths far exceeding 50 m are now possible. With these new possibilities, timber engineering is now an equitable alternative to construction with concrete or steel and also boasts ecological advantages.

Our goal is to make optimum use of the modern manufacturing possibilities and economically established solutions in the design of wide-span supporting structures. In the scope of a continuous dialogue with universities and contracting companies, we try to push forward new developments and to incorporate the appropriate knowledge in our planning