Bridge Crossing the Overijsselkanaal in Deventer - NL

Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge

Cliend: Municipality of Deventer

Year of construction: 2007

Length: 16,00 m
Width: 3,50 m

Structure: Grider bridge made of spruce glulam, round steel bar parapet, mastic asphalt decking

Our services: Design and detailed engineering, structural plannig and site management (voorlopig ontwerp und definitief ontwerp)

comparable to service phase 1-5 according German HOAI


In a natural environment, the wooden bridge spans a canal and connects a pedestrian and bike path. The client consciously decided to use timber, as it is an ecological materia, to create a particularly sustainable structure. The bridge design distinguishes itself by its efficiency. The simple design with four main girders of laminated wood and a decking of mastic asphalt on a timber board is inexpensive and easy to maintain. The steel railing is provided with a wooden handrail, so that the material can be experienced on the bridge.

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