Truss Bridge in Stasjonsstranda

Heavy Load Bridge in Norway

Client: Statens Vegvesen and Jernbaneverket

Year of construction: 2013

Design / Construction: COWI

Length: 30,00 m
Width: 6,00 m

Structure: Open truss construction made of spruce block glulam. Nodes were carried out with slit plates and rod dowels.
Transverse braced bridge deck of 53 different glulam beams. Mastic asphalt surface.

Our services: Site management


The heavy duty bridge at the Norwegian coast is characterized by its straight and clear form. The truss made of impragnated laminated timber is laterally supplemented by steel braces. All horizontal surfaces are covered with high quality copper sheets and so protected from weathering.The bridge decking consists of laminated timber and is braced transversely by continuous threaded rods.