Trough Bridge Kirchzarten

Footbridge Crossing Highway L127

Client: City of Freiburg

Year of construction: 2013

Length: 25,00 m
Width: 2,50 m

Construction: Glulam beams covered with rhepanol foil and zinc sheet metal. Steel frames carry the decking construction and brace the structure. Douglas fir planks as decking. Steel railings with handrail attached to the steel frames. Lateral claddig with larch.

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In this case a new bridge construction was economically advantageous compared to a renovation of the existing bidge. The trough bridge replaces a timber construction which did not have a sufficient protection from weathering and the required load capacity could not be guaranteed anymore. The client decided to commission a new timber bridge instead of a renovation. The existing bridge could be dismantled and the new bridge assembled within a single day. Due to this process the walkway did not have to be closed for more than one day and also the road was blocked for only a few hours. Contrary to the old construction the new bridge is laterally covered with larch so that the glulam beams are protected from weathering.

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