Trough Bridge in Wolfach

Serrersteg Crossing Kinzig River

Client: City of Wolfach

Year of construction: 2010

Design + structual calculation: RS Ingenieure GmbH & Co. KG, Achern

Length: 40 m (16,00 m/23,55 m)
Width: 1,60 m

Structure: Timber trough bridge with larch plank decking and an additional steel railing

Our services: consultance timber structure


The 'Serrersteg' spans 40,0 meters across the Kinzig near Wolfach. Especially noticeable is the varying height of the timber girders. This results from the necessary section height that has been adapted to the different spans. The dark coating creates a weathered appeal. In combination with the red coating of the steel posts, which form a frame around the glulam beams, an appearence that integrates well in the natural landscape is created.

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