Truss Bridge in Ainring

Saalachbridge in Ainring

Client: Council of Ainring

Year of construction: 2001

Length: 68,00 m
Width: 3,20 m

Construction: Truss structure made of spruce block glulam beams with larch board roofing and round steel diagonals

Our services: Consultancy timber structure and project management during execution


This truss bridge combines the structure of traditional bridges with the latest innovations in civil engineering. This can be seen, for example, at the portals of the classic timber truss bridge were the timber construction is supplemented with a steel framework in order to guide the horizontal forces from the roof level into the bearing. However, the steel frame looks hard and heavy but it does not compromise the aesthetic look. The diagonals in the vertical plane are made of round steel, making the bridge very transparent. Of course, all structural timber elements are protected for a high durability of the construction.