Strut Frame Bridge in Pullach

Foot and cycle path overpass via the B11

Client: Municipality Pullach

Year of Construction: 2019

Length: 22,50 m
Width: 2,40 m

Construction:  Block-glued spruce glued laminated timber construction with mastic asphalt decking and steel railing

Our Service: factory planning


The block girder bridge spans a lower road and is supported by two inclined struts. The block girder is covered with mastic asphalt on a rear-ventilated substructure and is laterally sloped and clad. This effectively protects the wood against driving rain. Due to the low weight of the block girder, the bridge could be completely prefabricated in the factory except for the mastic asphalt and was installed within one day. As a replacement new construction, this strut frame bridge is oriented to its predecessor and has been optimised, especially with regard to the formation of the mastic asphalt pavement and its transitions. A monitoring system monitors whether moisture is present beneath the asphalt sealing.