Service Road Bridge over the Kocher in Gaildorf

Block girder bridge as new replacement

Year of Construction: in planning

Bauherr: Limpurger Land - Association building authority


Länge: 32.35 m

Breite: 4.00 m

Construction: Beam bridge with stepped wooden supporting structure made of block-bonded glulam, decking made of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements, filler bar railings made of steel                  

Our services: Variant analysis, design planning, approval planning, implementation planning, invitation to tender

Workphases 1 - 6


The present planning is to replace the existing Kocher Bridge BW 5 after it is no longer durable and an economic rehabilitation is not possible. On the part of the existing structure, the piers and the clearance profile are to be retained, whereas the condition of the abutments requires replacement by new construction. The superstructure will be built as a protected timber structure on the existing substructures in accordance with DIN EN 1995-2 NA.
The main structure, consisting of two large-format glulam beams, spans all three spans as a continuous beam and is supported on elastomeric bearings. Both cross-sections are coupled via steel transverse bulkheads. On the one hand, this load-bearing construction allows for a compact and slender design with high load-bearing capacity, and on the other hand, for a complete pre-assembly of the superstructure in the factory and thus an extremely fast assembly by means of a mobile crane.
The constructive timber protection by means of a projection of the deck and a laterally protruding step in the timber beam is supplemented by a pavement made of precast concrete elements, permanently elastically sealed and stainless steel drainage channels.

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