Competition Prins-Claus-Brug, Dordrecht - NL

3rd Place for Bascule Bridge in Timber Design


Length: 130,0 m

Length bascule bridge: 35,0 m

Width: 10 m


block laminated timber structure, decking made of steel slabs including antislip coating. moveable element with balance beam, steel railing

Partner: Powerhouse Company

Our services: design, preliminary structural planning, consultancy timber structures (voorlopig ontwerp)

comparable to service phase 1 - 3 according German HOAI


Massiv block laminated glulam beams form the main structure spanning between three concrete piers with varying length. The moveable part of the bridge is designed in the same structure. Crosssection of the sructure consists of four massive timber blocks. The outer beams are trepped to achieve a slender and elegant side view and to protect the timber from whethering. The balance beam and the pier carring the balance beam are design in welded steel profiles. Because of the small cantilever, the counter wheigt consists of pure steel. The shape of the balance beam relates to the static utilization.

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