Competition Entry "Promenadendeck"

Curved Trough-Bridge for the "ICE-City"

Year: 2017

Organiser: Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Thüringen mbH

Partner: WilkinsonEyre Architects

Length: 153,20 m
Width: 4-8 m

Construktion: Over- and underdriven, asymmetrical trough bridge made of block-glued laminated timber and an orthotropic roadway slab

Our Service: Conception, Design and Structure Planning


In the present draft, wood has been used for the main beams; in particular, a so-called block glue laminated timber beam has been set up here in order to produce the necessary cross-sections. The advantage of this is the simple shaping in the production process, which also makes it possible to produce the biaxially curved carriers with relatively narrow radii.

They are protected against free weathering by a top cover made of stainless steel with lateral overlap against impact rain and an inner lining of the carriers and can thus be classified into the service class 2. This results in a higher strength as well as an extended service life of the components.

An orthotropic roadway is a central part of the structure. Due to the large width of the bridge, an orthotropic system acting in two directions is advantageous since the load distribution has a subordinate influence on the stress on the main components. The orthotropic road is suspended from steel profiles at a distance of less than 2 m. In the cross-section, they form transverse beams which serve the horizontal reinforcement of the entire system and at the same time prevent tilting of the laterally guided glulam beams.

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