Trough Bridge Schlüchtern

New transition to the sports area

Client: City of Schlüchtern

Year of construction: 2018

Contractor: Schmees & Lühn Holz- und Stahlingenieurbau GmbH & Co.KG

Lenght: 28,50 m
Width: 2,25 m

Construction: Trough bridge with U-frame made of galvanized steel for stiffening. Glulam main beams with larchwood paneling. Spray water area protected with HPL panels. Flooring made of GRP planks.

Our service: Object and structural design of the superstructure, work planning


This trough bridge over the river Kinzig consists of two glulam beams in GL 28c, which are connected by galvanized steel U-frames. On the frames longitudinal beams are arranged, which carry the GRP decking. The glulam beams are provided on the inside with a base-top-paneling and on the outside with a shiplap paneling made of larch wood. On the upper side, these are covered with a zinc sheet. In the area of the covering, HPL panels have been used on the inside as paneling in order to use a very durable and moisture-resistant material in these areas which are difficult to access.

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