Stress ribbon bridge "Dragon's tail" in Gera

Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge for Federal Garden Show

Client: Bundesgartenschau Gera GmbH

Concept and design and Structural calculation: Office Dietrich, Traunstein

Project management: Schaffitzel Holzindustrie GmbH

Construction work: In-house performance together with Office Malthaner

Length: 225,00 m
Width: 2,50 - 3,80 m

Structure: Tension band made of spruce laminated timber, decking larch planks

Our services: Execution planning in collaboration with the office Malthaner, construction supervision


For a Federal Garden Show in Ronnenburg and Gera in Eastern Thuringia, a pedestrian bridge with special length has been designed over the Gessental, a former uranium mining area. For the first time a glued laminated block beam was used as a 225 meter strip. The longest bridge of its kind in Europe, with exotic name "Dragon's tail" was awarded by the German Timber Construction Award.