Timber-Girderbridge in Mannheim

Connecting Web for a Day Care Center

Client: KÖNGETER architektur design grafik


Length: 18,00

Width: 2,00 m


Deck bridge made of spruce glulam girders with lateral formwork and top sheet metal cover, covering and railing made of larch wood

Our service: Design, Calculation, Execution drawings


The 18m long timber walkway was built in place of the originally planned steel bridge for the development of playground areas. The two spruce glulam beams are coupled by a steel wind bracing. The supports themselves are laterally protected by a formwork and on the top side by a cover metal sheet. The wooden railing brings the bridge in a nice contrast to the green surrounding. Also, the decking of the bridge consists of the particularly durable larch wood. On the side of the existing building, the bridge rests on a superior steel frame.

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